“We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey

EdCamp35 – Thank you


Normally I write this blog in Norwegian but this blogpost will be in English in honour of the team behind EdCamp 35 in School District 35, Langley, British Columbia, Canada and all the welcoming, open and interesting people I have met and talked to this weekend.

I arrived at R. E. Mountain High School on Friday where I had volunteered to help out with setting up for EdCamp35. The seven organizers, Shawn, Magdy, Ngaire, Katherine, Victoria, Nick and Chris, had agreed to let me be a part of their team for the weekend, and they really came through. They took such good care of me and really helped me to get an understanding of what an EdCamp is and what an EdCamp should be like.

I did not primarily go to this edcamp to learn new stuff from the sessions. I really wanted to see an edcamp in person and get to know how this really works. But I am glad to say that I even learned something from the sessions. Especially the session where we talked about screen time for both the students and for ourselves as adults.

I am so glad to have made new friends in learning and it feels so good. It helps broaden the world we live in to see other educators just as interested in the future of schools as yourself.

What is most important to me is that everybody was there to get inspired. Everybody wanted to learn something new. Everybody sacrificed a warm and sunny Saturday of Spring to learn more and to get inspired.

A few weeks ago, I came across this quote on twitter that said: ‘Not every engaged teacher is on twitter, but every teacher on twitter is engaged’. I think this doesn’t only apply to twitter, but also educational chats on other social media, and the fact is that also at EdCamp35, all the teachers, administrators and parents where extremely engaged and very easy to talk to.

I got a lot of new ideas that I am going to take with me when it comes to organizing a Norwegian EdCamp.

Any Canadian educators crazy enough are welcome to join us in October at #edcampAsker to see how we are doing :-)

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